Hello Felix

The Ultimate 80s Band

Behind the Music

Co-Founding members "Deako" and "Badger" have played in several line-ups since the early 80s and along with "Jimi" they have kept Hello Felix in the public eye despite a brief hiatus. Hello Felix and their sound have developed and grown in popularity. Influenced by the community, culture, and sounds of the 80s, they perform music that speaks to fans across the country. This Band is on the rise and nothing can stop them from achieving the success they work so hard for.

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Lead singer


Why the kilt you ask? Why not!
A fantastic frontman & vocalist, Deakos ability to imitate the vocal sound of many different artists styles enables the band to cover a cornucopia of 80s hits that the decade produced with an uncanny soundalike repitition, keeping the audience dancing, singing and stomping all night long. With a character as flamboyant as Deako and the musical skill of the band, get ready to time travel through the diversity of the 80s and be spat back out just before you reach the 90s

Due to COVID 19 the majority of Hello Felix' gigs have been re-scheduled. However we want everyone to keep safe, keep smiling and Hello Felix will be back to normality as soon as possible. 

Its seems like things are looking up and we urge everyone to follow the regulations at the venues that we perform in.

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When booking Hello Felix please note a deposit of 20% is taken to secure your booking which is non-refundable, however in the event that your date has to be rescheduled the client must inform Hello Felix by either e-mail, phone or live chat on this site, no less than 8 weeks prior to the original booking date. Hello Felix will then carry the deposit over to the new booking date, providing that they are available to perform on the new proposed date.


Mobile: 07919 911 746

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